On the Prowl

Sunday, January 22, 2017

I Haven been Away!!!

Dear Lord in Heaven,

Have I been away That LONG???!!!!

Yup for nearly 3 years, and the only ones checking in on me from the last month was from Poland.

Hello  Poland!!!

I'm going to be starting my rants again. 

And don't get me going on Occupy whatever, or whatever lives matter or marches or he's not my president.

I am royally pissed and I am so glad that the Obama's are gone---don't get me wrong I have friends and neighbors who are black but when some of them tell me that they are so tired of Obama's rhetoric that has solved nothing, well all we know is that that last president has left this nation in worse Debt than before,

So I say don't let the door hit your boody fabulous butt as you leave. 

Of course I'm not sure about Donald Trump, but I know I was never sure about Hillary or Bernie Sanders,   so the big question was who was the lesser of those evils.

One thing I do have to say is we have a beautiful first lady,  and what she wore for the swearing in reminded me of Jackie Kennedy, a beautiful powder blue outfit with matching gloves and shoes styled by Ralph Lauren, and her inaugural gown, simple classic and sexy at the same time.

Nothing like those fussy dresses that Michelle Obama wore.

So let's see what is going to develop, for the next 4 years.

Right now I've got to deal with the Social Services admin, they never send those papers on time, if I wasn't on the phone nagging them nothing would get done.

So between that, income taxes, property taxes and all this other Krap I'm going to be busy between now and April,  and I will be complaining.  

Trust Me, I WILL be complaining.

Mean Kitty signing off with her claws out.