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Sunday, January 22, 2017

I Haven been Away!!!

Dear Lord in Heaven,

Have I been away That LONG???!!!!

Yup for nearly 3 years, and the only ones checking in on me from the last month was from Poland.

Hello  Poland!!!

I'm going to be starting my rants again. 

And don't get me going on Occupy whatever, or whatever lives matter or marches or he's not my president.

I am royally pissed and I am so glad that the Obama's are gone---don't get me wrong I have friends and neighbors who are black but when some of them tell me that they are so tired of Obama's rhetoric that has solved nothing, well all we know is that that last president has left this nation in worse Debt than before,

So I say don't let the door hit your boody fabulous butt as you leave. 

Of course I'm not sure about Donald Trump, but I know I was never sure about Hillary or Bernie Sanders,   so the big question was who was the lesser of those evils.

One thing I do have to say is we have a beautiful first lady,  and what she wore for the swearing in reminded me of Jackie Kennedy, a beautiful powder blue outfit with matching gloves and shoes styled by Ralph Lauren, and her inaugural gown, simple classic and sexy at the same time.

Nothing like those fussy dresses that Michelle Obama wore.

So let's see what is going to develop, for the next 4 years.

Right now I've got to deal with the Social Services admin, they never send those papers on time, if I wasn't on the phone nagging them nothing would get done.

So between that, income taxes, property taxes and all this other Krap I'm going to be busy between now and April,  and I will be complaining.  

Trust Me, I WILL be complaining.

Mean Kitty signing off with her claws out.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Yikees!!! Has it been that long???

And I do repeat that Has it been that Long???

Well I guess it has,  it's taken nearly 2 years for me to get use to being retired, got to watch the funds and such, but it feels good.

And so much has happened, the only fly in my ointment of happiness is "Crazy Joe".  Yeah he's a nut case a real 51/50 paranoid schizophrenic.

Me and the police dispatcher have become Real Good Friends,  I don't even bother to call the 911 number,  I just call the non-emergency number, and they see the phone number come up with all the info so when they pick up it's "Hello Ms. Mean Kitty, what's Joe doing now?"  "Oh Nothing Much" I say.  "Except his dancing around in a pair of tennis shoes, a baseball cap and a goofy grin on his face, with his pitiful wanger bouncing around.  His parents aren't home, could you send an officer over before the kiddies come home from school."   "Sure Ms. Mean Kitty, is he still out in front of his folks place?"  "Yup! As naked as a Jay Bird for all the world to see!"  

And the nice officers come by wrap him up, leave a note for his folks, and he goes in for a 72 hour hold,  most likely he's been mixing the Pot with his Meds.   That's him on a good day.

Other times it's hell.  The Police Dept. have him for a long time on their radar, him and a few other nut cases.  Like the woman in another part of town who from time to time walks naked down the middle of the street screaming, her husband calls the cops and says she's off her meds again and the parents distract the kids from the window, they don't want them to see a 200 pound naked 50 year old woman screaming at the top of her lungs, might scar the kiddies for life.

Someday I'll have to tell ya all about it, what I can tell you is Crazy Joe is about 50 years old, his parents are elderly nice folks, and he's got 4 sisters that want nothing to do with him.  He has a sleeping room in his folks garage,  they won't let him into the house at all because they never can tell what he'll do.  The Daughters insisted on that.  But we know he has a bath room.

Someday I'll have to tell ya about all the fun and games we have with this nut job.  (The names will be changed to protect the innocent)

But retirement is a whole nuther ball game,  and I'm still getting use to it. 

One big job I've been doing is weeding out the stuff I don't need anymore, work clothes, shoes and stuff, files I needed to keep, informational books,  talk about donating things and dumping things!!

And I'm STILL not done. 

My Hunka Burnin' Love is still with me, although he was in and out of the hospital 3 times from last November till this August all on account of a virus that settled into his balls!  Let me tell you Bigger is Not Better, just when we thought we cured it, the dang thing came back!!  I tell ya the Doctor's even called the CDC on this one. 

Well the end result is a massive long term dose of antibiotics, and Hunka swears the cure was as bad as the illness, but he's a lot better now. 

I'm going to be writing this as a journal from now on, what I see, observe, remember, reminisce and yea, complain about and I still will be politically incorrect, because I don't give a Darn!

Anne Lamott had a perfect motto about journals and such, she said "You own everything that happened to you.  Tell your stories.  If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should've behaved better."

And to that I say "Darn Right!"

So I'll be here from time to time, ya' all just check in when ya can.

Mean Kitty brushing off her dictionary. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I've Gone and Dun it!!!

Well Folks, this should have been posted back in June, 2012.  But for some reason it didn't.  I'll give you an up date later.  But Yep, I've Dun it!

I've gone and dun it.

Yup!  Put in to retire from my job after nearly 45 years of working at it;  well if I count the years that I worked when I was going to school make that closer to 47 years.

Now I know some of you are thinkin'  "Hey!  I thought you were going to work forever?"   Well that all changed a few weeks ago.

My brother Bubba and Mrs. Bubba, well my sister in law had a younger sister---now Angel (the names have been changed to protect the innocent), in many ways her life was sort of parraell to mine, almost the same in certain ways.

But things didn't work out for her, 2 failed marriages, unable to have children, then stuck in taking care of her father who was, I thought, the most selfish, self-centered, meanest old man I've ever met.  Put the Mother though hell too.  Well the old man died---darn near killed the Mother too---but that old man planted a seed in the Mother's mind---don't sell the house and move.

Well the Mother was up there in years and she needed care, and the house was in a very bad location---what I call the "drive-by shooting range".   Angel had been working and taking care of both parents, Dad was now dead, but Mom didn't want to move.  Angel couldn't leave her Mom alone and have any kind of social life because of where they lived.  She was stuck.

Of course Bubba and Mrs. Bubba did the best they could but with three kids to raise it wasn't easy.

But Angel had not support system---no hospice or support care group wanted to come to the house because of the location...So what Angel did to numb herself from her predicament was drink.

She didn't drink while working no---she'd just drink when she got home to her stubborn Mother, she told me that she'd hope a stray bullet would find her.  Never happened.

Well the drinking did damage to her liver and kidneys---she was not a good canidate for a transplant.

She suffered from organ failure and died....then and only then did her Mother finally decides to move out of the house,  she doesn't sell it---because she wants to say she plans to move back in---so she rents it on a month to month.

But Angel died, not having lived her life---I went to the funeral and I can tell you no amount of pink embalming fluid (did you know that stuff comes in colors) could remove the grey from her face or the suffering that one could see.

Bubba and Ms. Bubba come to me all guilty but I told them that they did all they could do,  It was the Mother and the late Father that put Angel into that Hell, not them.

But then I began thinking,  my life is pretty good, I was lucky, I was working, but I called my retirement board and had some numbers crunched---Heck by working I was losing money---I'd make more by being retired. 

So finding out what would be covered in my retirement and what would not,  I put in for it. 

A BIG STEP....and one in which I'll need to get started on a new routine.

I also decided to plan my funeral---Angel's cost $16,000 dollars!!!!  For what??  A Box? A hole in the ground?  And a piece of stone on top?    That is like way too much.

So I told Hunka and Bubba---when I die, just transport me from where ever I died to one particular funeral home---immediately cremate me--no box, no embalming---then have the container with my ashes on a table, my picture (the best one) next to it and one rose in a vase---no flowers---donate to a charity--simple memorial service-then take that box have a small hole dug and put a flat stone on it, make it simple with my name--date of birth and death and the words  "I'll---Be---Back!"   on it---just to freak out the Normals.

I figure it will be very interesting in the next life, and Yeah---I do plan to come back and do it all over again---I must be a glutten for punishment.

Mean Kitty signing off---thinking.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Her Name is Juliet but we call her Loveslug~~~

Hey Folks,

I know it's been a while since I last posted, but frankly, with Ginger the psycho dog passing on, doing Taxes, getting Sick, paying property taxes, getting the car fixed, well I just haven't had time.

But durin' all of that we got a new dog in the house.

O.K. how did this happen?

Simple,  our local "Friends of the Animal Shelter" was having a Gargage Sale Fund Raiser at the Shelter and I was feeling Garage Sale withdrawl, so we stopped over.  Hunka knows the volunteers having volunteered there for a while, and I bought a few things.

Well we also made the mistake of looking at what was in the Shelter and we saw this Pit Mix named Sarge, now this dog obeyed me pretty well, but I had a feeling he was just too much dog for me although he was totally focused on me.  Hunka was impressed with this dog.

Well a week later Hunka comes to me saying he had "an awakening" he needed a dog, ever since 'Beauceaphus' passed away he just could not get up the energy to take an interest in anything and Hunka was interested in Sarge----and I was so not on board with this idea.

But I told him check the dog out if the dog works well with you then we'll see.

Well Sarge likes the ladies (human), better than Men, so it did not work out but the Staff told him about Juliet---also a pit bull mix, friendly, socialable, just wants to be loved, nearly 60 pounds of muscel and love.

I told him that if "Mama ain't happy, nobody's happy" cause the dog had to work with me.

We went back, they brought out the dog, Hunka pointed at me and said "There's the Mama" and the dog immediately comes over to me and I say "Sit" the dog sat infront of me (I was sitting in a chair) and rested it's big head on my chest with a look in her eyes that said "Love me please, I'll love you forever!!!"

We got the dog.

When we got her you cold see her ribs and she weighed 55 pounds, she gained 8 pounds her ribs don't poke out, she hogs the bed and gives us ear kisses.  She is totally devoted to Hunka, dat's da Daddy, she love and minds me,  she knows commands although sometimes she can be a bit dense, she minds me, loves her walks, loves to pay, doesn't know her strength, totally submissive and so far not a mean bitting bone in her body.

90 percent of the people she meets love her, of the remaining 10 percent, well we understand they are afraid of pit bulls and pit mixes, she is friendly and gently protective.

Because she is so strong we are cautious with her, espeically around children and small dogs, she would not hurt them but she likes to play but doesn't know her strength.  We also constantly monitor her behavior cause we are still learning what her likes and dislikes are.

But there is several things we've noticed, certain physical types of men she doesn't trust, she'll give them "THE LOOK" and they stay away, but all the other times it's "Hey there wanna play?"  If we are in the house and she hears or senses something she'll bark, comes and gets Daddy to deal with it.

Our neighbors crazy adult son stays far, far away from us now, doesn't make any threats or anything like he use to but his parents thinks the dog is beautiful.

Naturally because she is a pit mix people are cautious at first and then they warm up to her.

When Hunka was on one of his walks with her they rested at a bus stop and this old man sat down to rest as well, the dog went over to him and rested her head on the man's knee and the old guy just laughed and petted her.  She knows "Kind People".

She has a "formal" name but I think I'll call her "LOVESLUG" in this here blog, 'cause she just loves to be loved.

She'll never replace 'Beauceephus', 'Beau' was a one of a kind dog, Hunka's "Princess Puppy", but Loveslug is a new adventure and frankly, I think we got a winner 'cause this dog knows she's loved and has a Forever home.  

So I guess we're going to put out the old sign again that says "Two Nice People and One Very Spoiled Dog Live Here."

Mean Kitty signing off and going to make Loveslugs' breakfast.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Martin, Zimmerman & Bicyclists~~~

Well Folks, I have not been posting these last few months.

I have several reasons.

1. I've been busy with my job.

2. I am so sick and tired about how stupid people allow themselves to be led by the media and their own Foolish emotions.

Yes I did say "Foolish".

Why? For a very good reason Proverbs 11:29----

"He that troubles his own house shall inherit the wind; and the foolish will be servant to the wise of heart."

Look at "Occupy Oakland" look at all the media hype of the Martin/Zimmerman case, and how the media has already been judge jury and practically executioner, with the New Black Panther party putting a bounty on Zimmerman's head---if that isn't murder for hire I certainly don't know what is.

O.K. Zimmerman has been arrested as a matter of fact once he knew what was happening and the charge had been filed he voluntarily turned himself in. He knew he was going to do that.

But he had to hide to avoid being killed by mob violence incited by the Media and with pre-prejudicial photos...

Why are the parents putting out a photo of 12-14 year old Martin when the kid was 17 nearly 18 years old. Why did the parents NOT put out the picture with his gold grill teeth, and his tats, or show him all bulked up playing Foot ball standing at 6 ft 1 inches tall, taller than 5' 9" flabby built Zimmerman...All ready pre-judging the people.

Zimmerman made some mistakes, but to make it worse so did Martin, if Martin was smart he would have continued to walk home, but he didn't he confronted Zimmerman and then punched him, police report clearly states Zimmerman had a bloody nose and head injuries and the back of his jacket was very wet as if he had been shoved to the ground and his head banged against it.

Zimmerman was walking back to his vechile, because he lost sight of Martin, but Martin didn't lose sight of Zimmerman.

Now part of the problem is no one saw Martin attack Zimmerman, but best case evidence shows that Zimmerman had been attacked therefor the victim.

Martin was trying to be a big tough IDIOT~~ yes Idiot, ~~~he forgot that discretion is the better part of valor, but he had to pull the "hood" act.

The major problem is that Zimmerman will not be able to get a fair and unbiased trial. He will always be judged guilty, when it is Martin who is guilty, probably already being conditioned by the "gangsta" image, trying to be tough, trying to beat the Man.

Martin was kicked out of school because he had traces of weed in his backpack. And this was the 3rd time he'd been kicked out. Why was he not staying at his Mother's house, why was he sent to his Father's girlfriends house.

Was it because Mom was already having problems with her 6 foot tall 17-18 year old son?

There are a lot of questions that will be covered up, lied about, ignored, swept under the rug, because everyone wants Martin to appear to be innocent-----NOT!

He is just as guilty as if he had pulled the trigger on Zimmerman's gun.


Answer---because he was stupid and trying to be a "gangsta".

O.K. this post does sound like I'm being prejudice, but really I'm not....I'm looking at the background situation that has to go back at least 5 years that have led up to this moment. And we also have to look at the situation in this "gated" community, in the space of 2 months 8 robberies had been committed in which in several of them it was done by a gang of at least 3 hooded black youths.

The latest robbery terrorized a single mother and her child if Zimmerman had not interfered and ran them off. That fact is being overlooked and ignored.

Man I tell you I would love to be the investigator and forensic investigator on this case, because it would show how STUPID people and the media are.

A producer on NBC had allowed an edited tape to run that painted Zimmerman as being racist.
He's now fired.

Out of date photo's given by the parents to portray martin as a sweet angelic boy, an out of date photo of Zimmerman from years ago showing him as an overweight felon. Who is now finally getting his life back together whose crime is being too zealous in protecting a community and making a bad judgement call.

To be honest with you, if I was carrying a lawfully registered (and he was) concealed weapon and I was on neighborhood watch and I was walking back to my car in the hopes that the police would come out and then get attacked by a 6 foot tall 18 year old football player, getting my head bashed in on hard cement---in fear of my life ---in fear of being killed---yeah, I'd pull out my gun and shoot!

Because at that moment it is kill or be killed and I am not about to allow some person take my life.

And I think that was what was running through Zimmerman's head. Because I know it would be running through mine.

If I was on that jury, I would need to see all the evidence, I would need to hear all the testimony and it would have to be presented in a factual manner, no tears, no apologies---JUST THE FACTS.

None of that "He was a good boy" or "I was just protecting the area" , just what led to that situation, the background, the evidence.

If we see that---then we'd have a totally different picture than the one the media is trying to paint. Because this I do know---the cops cannot be everywhere at the same time. And I refuse to lay down and die.

But at the same time everyone needs to step back and let Justice weight in---she is blind and her scales are in balanced, she will not be swayed.

Because one has to remember Proverbs 11:29 "He that troubles his own house shall inherit the wind, and the foolish will be servant to the wise of heart."

~~~~ Now about Bicyclists~~~ my teeth just grind on that.

O.K. the idiot that ran the stop light and killed a 71 year old man, well guess what, surveillance tape shows the Bicyclist was lying----he was speeding, didn't lay down, he hit the old man full on.

AND KILLED HIM JUST AS IF HE WERE DRIVING A CAR. I think all Bicyclists should be licenced just like a auto driver, and have the book thrown at them as well----

And frankly everyone who rides in "Critical Mass" should be getting at ticket and forced to take classes and be informed that they are now subject to the same Vechilcular laws as auto drivers. Throw the book at them, let them know they DO NOT OWN THE WHOLE DAMN ROAD!! Or sidewalk or anything.

Now I've got to get back to bed I'm running a fever and the aspirin is wearing off.

Mean Kitty signing off with her claw's out painted Jungle RED---Growl!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

A few Rants~~~

I have a few rants, so I'm going to vent....

First I hate Anonymous and Occupy Oakland and the Oscar Grant groups----first off what have they done that is positive??

I ask you that. What have they done that is really, REALLY positive---answer---NOTHING!!!!!

Oh don't get me wrong, I'm sure that there are a few people within those groups that have pure, or nearly pure motives, such as righting wrongs and such.

But they can do it in a far more positive way, than destruction of property both public and private, All they do is attract the criminal element that seems to just love to destroy things---with an attitude of "well if I don't have it neither will you"----My granny use to call that "Dog in the Manger."

O.K. so you ask me what is "Dog in the Manger" a Manger is a place for a horse or cow to eat hay from, to get food for sustenance so it can work or do what it is suppose to do, but a mentally ill Dog comes along and lays down in the manager, rejecting it's comfortable place that has been set aside for it and growls at the horse preventing the horse from obtaining sustenance so it can go to work, the hay does not feed the dog, the dog cannot get anything useful from it, it already has a comfortable place with the proper food and water for it so it can be comfortable and well fed, but it takes up this place there by starving itself and the horse and nothing is gained and both die, when it didn't have to happen.

And that is what these groups are doing "Dogs in a Manger" and that's an insult to the Dog in this case.

So what the Farmer has to do to prevent the two of them from starving is to establish order, so the horse can eat and go to work, and the dog realizes that it has a comfortable place with food and water so it can eat and sleep and go to work. But the Dog is mentally ill and goes back to the manager time and time again disrupting the work, making the horse ill, making more work for the Farmer until the Farmer has no choice but to either shoot the dog or put it in a cage.

Now do you Folks get what I mean??

What have these groups done??? NOTHING!!! It has cost the City of Oakland and private parties money to get these places fixed up, Several very large business are going to take their corporations elsewhere thereby costing the city of Oakland jobs for the people and revenue for the city, by blocking the Port of Oakland Occupy Oakland has cost revenue for independent truckers who have to pay insurance, medical bills, housing, and put food on the table for their Children and the Occupy Oakland group has the NERVE to say "We're doing it for your own good"

HORSE PUCKY!!!!!! They do NOT have a single clue, or a single original thought in their collective peanut brains, they do not sit down at the table and bargain and work together with the "Powers that Be", they do not have have advocate groups that work with banks and lawyers and job consulters to save homes and create jobs. And there is a ton of other stuff I could add to this list.

They place the lives of police officers in danger who are trying to protect property AND Lives from harm.

The only private guy who had the right Idea was that fellow Tama what's his name, who showed up at his office with a double barrel shot gun and showed that he was ready to use it and invoke the "CASTLE LAW" should any of those Occupy idjuts try to break into his place.

And these Occupy people, burning the American Flag, this symbol of a Nation where you can assemble PEACEFULLY and protest without fear of getting shot like what's happening in Syria and other Middle Eastern places----(so much for Shira law).

Then the willful destruction of a historic display as well as the art work of children---CHILDREN'S ART WORK!!!!

And the nut case adult mothers who take their children---children mind you to these protests thereby placing their children in harms way. You know what SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED???
Each and everyone one of those parents should have had their children taken from them and placed in foster care because of what their nut case parents did by placing them in danger---YOU DON'T SHOW UP AT A POSSIBLY VIOLENT PROTEST WITH YOUR CHILD IN TOW---WHAT ARE YOU NUTS?????

Of course you are---because you think mistakenly that by putting your child up as a shield ---yes folks as a shield, that your won't get arrested---THINK AGAIN YOU NUT CASES!!!

I hope that when your case goes before court your child is taken away from you. They might be better off in Foster Care.

And Anonymous---you think you've done a great thing?? Think again---all you've done is put hardworking people, who have faults, we do acknowledge that, in harms way, leaving them wide open for NUTS cases to come and kill them and their families, you have done harm in disrupting vital information in aiding proper business transactions.

Case in point I know of one family that has their mortgage underwater, they are in good shape to re-finance avoid losing their home and making affordable payments, there by improving their credit rating, the husband just got a better paying job and the wife has gone from part time to full time work, Granny is living with them and helping out with the kids by picking them up at school and from day care and staying with them until Mom and Dad get home.

BUT a segment of Anonymous goes in and hacks the banks info and destroys their chances of getting everything taken care of---

They were on the verge of going out onto the streets because Anonymous sent e-mails to both of their employers stating that they deal in drugs----

They had to get a lawyer, who hired a detective agency that deals in hacking, and were able to prove their innocence and fortunately the Banking assistant who was working on their re-fi had hard copy showing the correct information, and why did this person have the correct information, because he got suspicious about another account and went and printed out all those that he was working on so he'd have the correct information if any discrepancies showed up.

Thanks to his suspicions the bank was alerted and they had to go in and correct all the incorrect information put that of others, a waste of time and resources but needed to be done to protect innocent lives from being utterly destroyed. Now it was not generally known but a quiet alert was sent out to be on the safe side.

Fortunately the family were able to keep their jobs and their home, the companies where they work are now on high alert. Their teen age son is now Pissed at Anonymous for what they've done and is learning to use the computer system so he can fight back and the family is doing everything to protect their personal and financial information.

It goes WAY beyond Identity Theft. And that is what Anonymous is doing---they are Anachists and Identity thieves of the worst kind.

Me---I'm going out and buying a cross cut shredder---I cannot trust anything or Anyone---and to my one friend (whom I do trust) one of these days we need to get together and you can show me how to hide an I.P. address.

And Folks, it may not hurt to learn how to protect things on the internet and in your lives.

Mean Kitty signing off with Claws out.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Whooooo Weeeeee Has it been that long since I was last here???

Man a live I HAVE been busy.

Holidays and work and everything. Where do I start.

Well first off me and my Hunka Burnin' Love we're doing fine, he got me a dozen red roses for Valintines Day, and a Symphonie Milk Chocolate Candy bar. Well if he can't afford See's he can get me a Symphony. He's a romantic in his own way.

Work is just burnin' me up. Too much to do, not enough time to do it in. And the cut backs that we might be facing.

Well next month I'll be turning 65, Yup! The big 6---5, and I'll have to be makin' some decisions. Like when do I want to retire---oh I'm seriously thinking about it.

I've already registered for Medicare, got to , it's the law. But I need to make a few appointments and talk to a few people before I'se decide on when I retire. I'm thinking the end of December this year. But if where I work starts doing some stupid things, it maybe sooner.

But I've got to line up my ducks so to speak.

There's more but right now my romantic Man wants to take me to City ARms and check out the guns---nothing speaks love than chosing a nice gun. (Big Grin)

HUGS and LOVE to them that knows me. And Hugs to those that don't.

Mean Kitty will talk to ya later.